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How and Why Design Impacts User Decisions

: Design is an interesting element whether for tangible goods or not. In the tangible goods industry, packaging design can affect potential buyers to purchase a specific item, or to deter them from that item. :

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What makes something easy to use?

: I ask because Dmitry wrote a wonderful post about false simplicity and it explores the idea that just because there is less of something it doesn’t mean it is simpler. On the opposite end though just because you use a ton of description it doesn’t mean it makes it any easier as well. : […]

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False Simplicity

: Sometimes, what appears on the surface to be simple is actually far from it. For example, there’s a trend in Twitter clients to use icons instead of text labels for buttons. Just icons, no text at all. These icons don’t take much space, look elegant and maintain that simple feel of Twitter, except…they’re actually […]

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User Research Friday: Circus Edition

: User Research Friday is now a full-day conference all about user research! AND this time it’s also two half-day workshops on advanced research techniques you can choose from on the preceding day. This is all brought to you by the gentle folks at Bolt | Peters. There has been an explosion of apps and […]

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The Scent of Search

: The implications of Information Foraging Theory on designing user-centered websites have not gone unnoticed. Jakob Nielsen and Jared Spool, among others, have put forth considered recommendations on how to enhance information scent on the web. :

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10 Great Articles from Multitouch Maven

: Multitouch Maven/Point and Do are a year old today! The unexpected joy of doing this blog has been the opportunity to meet so many unique and interesting people, both online and in person. :

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