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An In-Depth Look At My Wireframing Process

: I generally use the Grey-Box Method to create wireframes in Photoshop, though for larger projects or applications I use Mockflow (Premium). Personally the Grey-Box method acts as an intermediary phase between initial sketches and the actual design phase. :

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Is Your Life Just One Big RPG?

: You might think making games is all about putting 40 percent awesome in a box, throwing in a pinch of zazz and calling it a SKU, but that’s not true. Games, you may have noticed, are all around us, all the time. In this video, Carnegie Mellon professor and ex-imagineer Jesse Schell lays out […]

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UX Lessons Learned From Offline Experiences

: I’m a sucker for a well-crafted user interface, one that doesn’t take the user for granted and that doesn’t require the user to have a MBA to find his way around. The good news is that a lot of web-designers excel at creating such experiences on the web. Unfortunately it’s not always true when […]

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The Difference Between Usability and User Experience

: As long as there’s been an Internet, the discussion between user experience and usability has been explored. Although they are conceptually linked, taken separately, they highlight different elements of the human-computer interaction. :–006963.php

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On the Mythical Border between Interface and Gameplay

: In video game literature and video game reviews, video games are often divided into two distinct parts: interface and gameplay. Good video games, it is assumed, have easy to use interfaces, but they also provide difficult gameplay challenges to the player. But must a good game follow this pattern, and what is the difference […]

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