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Infuse Emotion Into Experience Design

: The Web is becoming an increasingly important channel for companies, yet online experiences leave a lot to be desired. Our research shows that most sites have poor usability and they don’t reinforce key brand attributes. :

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UX Case Study: Designing a user-focused web app

: Insight into the complete design process for the redesign of Nearby Tweets. Web app developers and entrepreneurs will hopefully gain some ideas or reinforce their own processes. Users may find it interesting to see what goes into the design of a complex UI. :

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: UX People is a new, non-profit making one-day user experience event brought to you by Zebra People. Held on 22 March in central London, this affordable event sees some of Britain’s leading user experience practitioners giving talks, leading in-depth workshops and sharing industry insights. Morning talks cover everything from future digital trends to delivering […]

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Eyetracking Web Usability – review

: Time to pick sides: Jakob Nielsen has written an eyetracking book. I can scarcely think of a more divisive pairing: mention either within earshot of a UX aficionado and you’re in for impassioned advocacy or scornful ridicule. :

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35+ Usability Resources for Web Designers

: Usability should be a priority for every website. Without usability, even the most beautiful design will be ineffective. In this post we’ll feature a number of resources, tools, software, checklists, articles, and more, that can help you to design and develop highly usable websites. :

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Is Your Registration Process Scaring Away Users?

: When you run a community site, your registration and minimum profile requirements are like the front porch to your home. As technology bloggers we trick-or-treat to at least a dozen sites per day and when you make your porch scary, we’d just as soon skip your house. :

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