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UXD isn’t a One-Man-Show

: The UXD innovation process is a nonlinear spiral of divergent and convergent activities that may repeat over time. Any design process begins with a vision. This applies particularly to the UX process. A vision, however, is not enough to start design. Good design is not only interface, or look and feel, or technology, or […]

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Is The User Experience Overrated?

: Those of us who participate in website design communities hear a lot of talk about the User Experience. What constitutes a usable design? How do you get them to interact with your website the way you want them to? Not only do we have to learn how users think, but also how they adapt […]

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Flexible Fuel: Educating the Client on IA

: IA is about selling ideas effectively, designing with accuracy, and working with complex interactivity to guide different types of customers through website experiences. The more your client knows about IA’s processes and deliverables, the likelier the project is to succeed. :

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3 Pillars of Web Site Success

: For your web site to be effective it must perform well before the visit (at the awareness stage), during the visit (the evaluation phase) and during the finding, ordering or buying phase (the action phase). :

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Red and Yellow Kills a Fellow

: Why do we use red and yellow to alert us to fast food and danger? Red/yellow says, “The food’s good here and pretty cheap, too,” and, out of the other side of its signifying mouth cries, “Watch out! Trouble ahead!” :

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