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Managing UI Complexity

: Interface complexity is an issue every designer wrestles with when designing a reasonably sophisticated application. A complex interface can reduce user effectiveness, increase the learning curve of the application, and cause users to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. I’ve spent the past year redesigning a particularly complex application with my primary focus being on reducing […]

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Six Data Points to Create a ‘User Research History’

: For large and more complex projects that involve multiple user experience professionals conducting user experience activities in parallel, tracing the user research history just six months after the project is complicated and can sometimes be challenging. Here are the six data points that I recommend including in a user research report to help build […]

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50 Most Usable RIAs

: Bill Scott and I have reviewed hundreds of RIAs while compiling examples for our book Designing Web Interfaces: Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions, and subsequent talks and articles. We recently realized that we had amassed quite a list of applications. Thinking other designers and developers might be interested in these resources, we applied […]

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9 Easy Usability Improvements for Blogs by @Tutorial9

: One of our primary goals as designers is to constantly improve the usability of our websites and blogs. Content, while very important, doesn’t help readers if they can’t easily get to it. In this post, I’d like to outline several ways to quickly improve a blogs usability. :

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Top 10 UX Myths

: Al Gore invented the Internet. Drinking alcohol keeps your body warm. You won’t get pregnant if you stand on your head after … well, you get the idea. Myths are those hard-and-fast rules that often start as a plausible idea or once-off observation that grow and distill into ‘common knowledge’ as they virtually spread. […]

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Realizations of Rounded Rectangles

: According to folklore, in the early development of the Apple Macintosh, resident graphics genius Bill Atkinson performed a miracle. He found a way to overcome the Mac’s 6800 chip’s math limitations thus enabling the OS to draw circles and ellipses (not just rectangles) on the screen at a blistering speed. He proudly showed this […]

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Creating accessible sites for users with learning & cognitive disabilities

: Creating accessible websites for users with learning and cognitive disabilities is an area with little research and few concrete recommendations. While web developers can apply universal principles of web accessibility to benefit all users with sensory or physical disabilities, the application of cognitive accessibility is varied and complex. Due to the limited research and […]

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Value Your Users

: On a QA panel at Local Search Summit I was asked the questions about the future of social media tools, and since there are two main players (twitter, and facebook) should we only focus our attention on building communities, and driving leads via those two platforms. I responded by suggesting that the the approach […]

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