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Hot Gloo

: From the website: Hot Gloo is designed by IA’s for IA’s. With the help of the elements you can create a whole world out of wireframes. Just drag and drop, scale, link, name and rename them – it’s super easy and intuitive. :

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Personas and the Role of Design Documentation

: In User Experience Design circles, personas have become part of our established orthodoxy. And, as with anything orthodox, some people disagree on what personas are and the value they bring to design, and some reject the doctrine entirely. :

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: Make your mockups come alive. Napkee lets you to export Balsamiq Mockups to HTML/CSS/JS and Adobe Flex 3 at a click of a button. :

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Effective UX in a Corporate Environment: Part I

: Today’s consumers have growing expectations for higher quality and ease of use in new products. They typically evaluate brand values and product specs before paying top dollar for products. Companies are scrambling to align their brand touchpoints and gain loyal customers for their current and future product lines. Without strong brands, consumers buy with […]

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Validating web forms

: In this post I’ll give you a few tips about validating web forms. Your form validation can make the difference between a user completing your form or abandoning it altogether. It’s not a complete list of advice, so feel free to add your own tips in the comments section. :

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User Experience Publications by @nickf

: Continuing on my series of answering common questions I have created a post list user experience publications. This is a question that keeps coming up in discussion is about User Experience resources, specifically about publications. So here is a list of industry publications which I read on a semi-regular basis, most of which I […]

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The Art of User-Centric Web Design

: User-centric web design is a method of web design where the content, design, and usability factors are all placed in accordance to the target audience’s needs and goals — a design that is centered around the user. This article will cover the basics of what user-centric web design is, and how to achieve it. […]

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