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Architecture Defined

: An interesting little video that looks at what “Architecture” really means. Sometimes we get so deep into information architecture and specifying designs we lose sight of what we’re really doing here: identifying commonalities in structure of our designs and therefore defining a set of principals based on the essence of what makes a good […]

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FAQ usability

: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a very popular way of providing the answer to users’ questions. In this post I give you some tips to help you provide a better user experience with your FAQs. :

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11 Striking Findings From an Eye Tracking Study

: If you’ve got a spare 10 minutes today check out Eyetrack III who have published some great findings in their latest eye tracking studies of news and multimedia content sites (found via Direct Creative Blog). There’s loads of juicy goodness in the full article but here are 11 of the main points that grabbed […]

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Customer Experience Is an Investment, Not a Cost

: Demographics aren’t interesting in and of themselves — businesses benefit from their customers’ (trans)actions. Knowing that someone is 31 years old and lives in a certain area isn’t as interesting as understanding what gets them to buy a product or join a service or use a feature. Shaping the customer experience influences behavior, which […]

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Concept Maps by

: We create concept maps, a type of model, to explore and learn about complex information spaces. By showing everything—the forest and the trees—in a single view, concept maps help people create mental models and clarify thoughts. We create concept maps to share understanding— with our clients, peers, and others interested in the subjects. : […]

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Components, Patterns, and Frameworks! Oh My!

: Somewhere, right now, there’s a team creating a new design with some amazing, never-before-seen functionality. And to take advantage of that awesome, groundbreaking functionality work, their users will need to login. Login functionality isn’t new. It’s not awesome. It’s not very challenging to develop. Teams are designing this functionality as if it’s never been […]

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: is a community of people passionate about user experience. We do free video reviews of websites for our members. Our members can also compete in usability contests where they can win cash prizes by reviewing usability of other websites. Members have access to our free usability testing platform, which they can use to […]

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