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Live Q&A » The rise of the user experience design sector, 6 August, 1pm—4pm

: Although many of us don’t put much thought into why we prefer one website over another, or why we opt for a particular model of mobile phone, those working in user experience design are working hard behind the scenes to enhance our experience with technology. :

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Sketching Fundamentals

: In this, a fine compliment to Bill Buxton’s Sketching User Experiences, Adaptive Path’s Rachel Glaves walks us through the different elements which go into sketching both user flows and website layouts. :

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Is Your Life Just One Big RPG?

: You might think making games is all about putting 40 percent awesome in a box, throwing in a pinch of zazz and calling it a SKU, but that’s not true. Games, you may have noticed, are all around us, all the time. In this video, Carnegie Mellon professor and ex-imagineer Jesse Schell lays out […]

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Experience is the Product

: Don’t focus on technology and features. Heck, don’t focus on the “product.” Focus on the experience you want to create, and build a system that gets you there. The audio is from my talk at :

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