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Good UX in the Wild: Dropbox’s attention to detail on their download page

: Sometimes good UX is about being clever. Sometimes it’s to make the user happy or smile. However, when the success of your product depends on new, possibly inexperienced users successfully downloading and installing it, good UX is the difference between success and failure. :

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Going down the right Path

: We don’t often write about products that we didn’t work on, but I came across Path last night and felt it was worth talking about. Path has been around since November of last year. I only vaguely remember looking at it when it first launched, and I don’t even recall what it did – […]

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A crash course in UX

: I was skeptical. ‘Design’ is not a word I’m entirely comfortable around. Almost entirely because I’m not naturally very good at it. And yet I found myself signed up – by my doing, too – to spend a summery Cape Town Saturday at a workshop. The workshop in question is part of Ogilvy’s Digital […]

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Providing Dynamically Changeable Physical Buttons on a Visual Display

: Physical buttons have the unique ability to provide low-attention and vision-free interactions through their intuitive tactile clues. Unfortunately, the physicality of these interfaces makes them static, limiting the number and types of user interfaces they can support. On the other hand, touch screen technologies provide the ultimate interface flexibility, but offer no inherent tactile […]

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