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Incremental Rollouts: Lessons from Carbonmade’s Migration

: It was nothing short of Nerd Fun, watching New Twitter’s rollout. There was impatience, rollout envy, glowering, whining, begging and ultimately a lot of gushing! Incremental rollouts are highly planned, delicate, and impressively important user experiences. From tip-to-tail, a new product rollout to an existing app can be fraught with challenges ranging from downtime […]

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UX, Psychology, Black Friday and You

: One of the problems of working in the field of User Experience is that you start to see everything through that lens. For example, Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the season, as retailers and Wikipedia tell us. But that’s not accidental. :

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Extending the Experience

: This post talks about the idea of extending the experience design of our products outside of what we might consider the normal deliverables (prototypes, research summaries, visual designs, etc.). :

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Psychic Search: A Quick Primer on Search Suggestions

: I recently spoke with a coworker who was skeptical that the search suggestion feature we’d implemented in our company intranet could be effective. “I could be searching for anything—it couldn’t possibly know what I’m going to type in.” Smiling smugly, I asked him to think of something he might want to find on the […]

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Personas and the Advantage of Designing for Yourself

: Steve Portigal, whom I’ve met and whom I don’t think is insane, recently said in a presentation that “personas are user-centered bullshit”. But he didn’t stop there. He then went on to write an article in this months ACM Interactions magazine extolling the evils of personas which is provoking quite a reaction among designers. […]

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Usability Testing Demystified

: There seems to be this idea going around that usability testing is bad, or that the cool kids don’t do it. That it’s old skool. That designers don’t need to do it. What if I told you that usability testing is the hottest thing in experience design research? Every time a person has a […]

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