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Bad UX is a Bug

: When I talk to developers I often hear a similar question, “Do you think I can become good at design/user experience?” My answer is always yes. I see the art in the code, devs attention to detail, the desire to make great things…but it wasn’t until this week that I discovered a way to […]

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Sign Up Forms Must Die

: I’ll just come out and say this: sign-up forms must die. In the introduction to this book I described the process of stumbling upon or being recommended to a web service. You arrive eager to dive in and start engaging and what’s the first thing that greets you? A form. :

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10 Years of Sketching

: Last weekend, buried and long forgotten at the back of a very dusty drawer, I found a piece of my design history. A collection of sketches from my first job, including the sketches from the first project I ever worked on. :

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How Google tested Google Instant

: Boyd is responsible for testing user-experience changes to Google Search, the company’s most important product. While Google is famous for obsessing over statistical differences in user clicks between one shade of blue versus another, Boyd’s team focuses on studying how real people interact with products under development inside Google through the company’s usability lab. […]

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iPad: Scroll or Card?

: How do you navigate content on the iPad? Scroll or flip? In 1987, the biggest neck beards in tech held conference on the Future of Hypertext and there were two camps “Card Sharks” and “Holy Scrollers” and they had an epic fight over the following question: Should you scroll or flip pages on the […]

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AB Testing: Usability from A to B

: An introduction to A/B Testing, using A/B testing for usability, some great extra resources, and even some interesting people to follow on Twitter. Great for those looking to get a better understanding of usability testing. :

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The New Room Effect: Usability Is About Comfort

: Relying on general usability guidelines without context, understanding, or goals can be a horrible pitfall when designing. Usability is not about the shortest route between two points. It’s about comfort, enjoyability , familiarity, and positive recall. :

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