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US UX versus EU UX – What’s the difference?

: In response to questions from Amy Knox regarding US.UX and EU.UX, Søren Muus (creative director at FatDUX and co-initiator of ECUX) recently posted on the mail list of the Information Architecture Institute some interesting ideas in this matter. We are happy to republish his piece, because we find it food for debate. :

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Giving Users Some Credit

: Websites are designed to be used by people of varying backgrounds, educations and technical levels. One of the challenges we face when designing for the Web is finding a way to create sites and applications that can be accessed by a widely disparate audience while avoiding the pitfall of sacrificing the quality of our […]

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Why Sketching And Wireframing Ideas Strengthens Designs

: Great design ideas should always be sketched out to be better formulated and somewhat finalized before brought to the digital world. This helps us develop on our design idea, which actually helps us provide a better end result or product, than that of whom did not sketch the idea. :

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UI Pattern Ideas: List with Functions

: The design pattern we are going to tackle is a list with functions. Think of a list of five names. The primary function of this list is to click the names. The secondary function of the list is that the list needs to be manageable. There needs to be some kind of functionality to […]

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3 Examples of Inline Help

: Help text: either it’s there when you don’t need it, or you can’t find it when you do need it. Let’s take a look at 3 different ways Google, Amazon and 37signals solve this problem. :

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How and Why Design Impacts User Decisions

: Design is an interesting element whether for tangible goods or not. In the tangible goods industry, packaging design can affect potential buyers to purchase a specific item, or to deter them from that item. :

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What makes something easy to use?

: I ask because Dmitry wrote a wonderful post about false simplicity and it explores the idea that just because there is less of something it doesn’t mean it is simpler. On the opposite end though just because you use a ton of description it doesn’t mean it makes it any easier as well. : […]

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False Simplicity

: Sometimes, what appears on the surface to be simple is actually far from it. For example, there’s a trend in Twitter clients to use icons instead of text labels for buttons. Just icons, no text at all. These icons don’t take much space, look elegant and maintain that simple feel of Twitter, except…they’re actually […]

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