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Design pricing: It’s never about the price

: Setting proper pricing for your UX design work is crucial. It goes hand in hand with setting your customer’s expectations. Set the price too low and you will gain reputation of the same kind. Set it high – you will also set high expectations. If you can deliver on them – then keep it […]

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Jon Kolko On Design That Changes Human Behavior

: Jon Kolko is the associate creative director at Frog Design, a global innovation and production design firm, and founder of the Austin Center for Design, a school devoted to using design as a means of social change. :

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Principle of least astonishment

: The principle (or rule or law) of least astonishment (or surprise) states that, when two elements of an interface conflict, or are ambiguous, the behavior should be that which will least surprise the human user or programmer at the time the conflict arises. :

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Best of Breadcrumbs and How They Enhance Your Website

: Breadcrumb navigation offers a visually enticing way for users to keep track and know where they’re specifically located as they navigate your site. Overall, it increases the usability of your website, especially if it has various pages that need to be organized and structured in a certain hierarchical order. :

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Interface Design is a Conversation

: A recent round of client work at One Mighty Roar has got me thinking a lot more about successful interface design. Specifically, how can we build pages that send a clear message without losing aesthetic or professional edge? :

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