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Everyday Usability Heuristics: Visibility Of System Status

: Two weeks ago, I was watching my 45-year old father browsing the Internet. Every time I watch him I learn a lesson in usability. I’m sure you know with situations like this one – valuable opportunities to learn from the ordinary users for whom we design. :

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Ten Tips On How To Make Your Website More Viewer-friendly!

: Most websites are developed with the sole purpose of spreading information about a product or service in mind. However the different viewer scenarios are not normally envisioned and it is assumed that all the site’s visitors have perfect physical or cognitive ability and fast computers with broadband connections to the internet. :

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10 Tips on Writing Hero-worthy Error Messages

: Another forehead-smack-worthy curse-laden moment: I’ve filled out a lengthy online form and hit the submit button only to find myself staring back at an empty form peppered with red errors. Has this happened to you? Of course it has. :

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The Myth of Usability Testing

: In 1998, usability expert Rolf Molich (co-inventor with Jakob Nielsen of the heuristic evaluation method) gave nine teams three weeks to evaluate the webmail application :

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Rethinking The Fold

: Recently I assembled some thoughts regarding The Fold and what we (anyone involved in publishing websites) should do about it. Enjoy! :

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