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Usability Testing Demystified

: The value in usability testing comes from the magic of observing and listening as people use a design. The things you see and the things you hear are often surprising, illuminating, and unpredictable. :

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How to Understand Your Users with Personas

: Personas are a powerful tool for helping you to better understand the needs of your users. In this comic, drawn exclusively for Think Vitamin, you’ll learn more about Personas and how they’ll revolutionize the way you design and build web sites. :

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Who influences the user experience?

: It is a common misconception that the ‘UX Designers’ are the only ones responsible for the User Experience. They may take the lead in this area but many others have a part to play too. This article examines who else influences the User Experience. :

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Create a Free Email Newsletter using WordPress

: There are many premium services out there that offers email newsletter service. This tutorial shows how you can simply use WordPress with a few plugins to offer free email newsletter to your readers. :

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UX ROI: User Experience Return on Investment

: Calculating and even trying to understand what all adds up to the UX ROI is difficult task. When we are faced with clients and investors – ROI is something they often ask for. How to even start thinking about return on investment in the field of user experience? :

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What influences the user experience?

: Some discussions and descriptions of user experience focus solely on the qualities of the product itself, yet this is only one part of the overall story involving the user. There are many factors that over time will influence the experience. The more that organisations can do to ensure they consider and coordinate all these […]

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