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Providing contact details

: So you’ve got a lovely website where your customers can get all sorts of useful information. But sometimes they just want to call you or email you with a question. The approach you take to being contacted can have a big effect on customers’ perceptions of your organisation. In this post, I discuss contact […]

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Optimizing the User Experience with Agile Design

: With all the press and attention recently given to extreme programming and agile modeling techniques, it seems very little attention has been given to user interface design techniques that will blend, rather than clash, with these new development methods being used to create high quality, industrial strength, and highly usable applications. As an offshoot […]

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Wireframing ahoy!

: Wireframes are the foundation of a design before it even starts to formulate with colors, shapes and forms. And even if some of us find them ugly, or a waste of time – yeah, I’ve heard that too – there is always the greater part among us that find them extraordinarily useful, amazingly beautiful, […]

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Being a Successful UX Design Manager

: Anyone who has managed a UX Design Team knows how hard it can be. As a team, we’re often trying to justify ourselves in a world of tight deadlines, ever-diminishing budgets and layoffs. With these distractions, how do you keep your team motivated and productive? I’d like to give you some tips on how […]

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Web Browsers Need a Social Layer

: Here’s an idea. Today, we’ve got a bunch of various means of communication we can use to share our thoughts on the websites we visit. These communication channels range from something like the comments area on blogs (just like the one at the bottom of this page) to message boards which many companies use […]

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FAQ usability

: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a very popular way of providing the answer to users’ questions. In this post I give you some tips to help you provide a better user experience with your FAQs. :

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11 Striking Findings From an Eye Tracking Study

: If you’ve got a spare 10 minutes today check out Eyetrack III who have published some great findings in their latest eye tracking studies of news and multimedia content sites (found via Direct Creative Blog). There’s loads of juicy goodness in the full article but here are 11 of the main points that grabbed […]

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Customer Experience Is an Investment, Not a Cost

: Demographics aren’t interesting in and of themselves — businesses benefit from their customers’ (trans)actions. Knowing that someone is 31 years old and lives in a certain area isn’t as interesting as understanding what gets them to buy a product or join a service or use a feature. Shaping the customer experience influences behavior, which […]

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