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Lessons from Ikea

: Chances are you’ve come in contact with a piece of flat-pack furniture from Ikea. You may even have put a shelf or desk together with the help of an allen wrench and a single-sheet instruction manual. Ikea has successfully innovated in pricing, logistics, packaging, and store layout to become a global phenomenon. :

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How do I get started in User Experience?

: I’ve had this question put to me in the past month about 20 times or so. It’s a tough question to answer in a nutshell, as it has a lot to do with “How do I retrain my skills to focus on User Experience” which is really what i think is the right question […]

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The UX of search suggestions

: *Hype: Jared Spool called it a “Really nice discussion of Search Suggestion patterns from Tyler Tate.” Peter Morville says “Looks like a great blog post, Tyler!” And we declined an offer to publish it on Smashing Magazine.* User experience designer Tyler Tate unpacks three different approaches to as-you-type search suggestions – completion, query suggestion, […]

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UX Strategy is different than UI strategy Part 1

: Here is some big news: UX strategy is not UI strategy. This must be big news since the two seem identical in how they are practiced. There seems to be a fundamental flaw in our ability to make a difference between UX practice and UI practice. :

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