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Measuring Global Smartphone Impact

: Our Mobile Planet provides insights into smartphone usage and mobile attitudes. Use it to create custom charts that will deepen your understanding of the mobile consumer and support data driven decisions in your mobile strategy. :

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Cage simplifies collaboration for designers, clients

: CAGE ( is an online collaboration tool that allows agencies, design teams and freelancers to share and present their work for creative review. Currently in public beta, CAGE was first released as an invite-only private beta during SXSWi in March. While in private beta, we attracted a number of designers from companies including: Weber […]

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CSSsitemap System

: Since the initial work on CSSsitemap, Andrew Maier and I have been pretty busy working on an array of other tools that are a bit specific to a project we’re collaborating on presently. The result: almost no time has been invested in CSSsitemap since the first in-house version. :

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Shorten & Read Comfortably with

: It works like any other link-shortener except for one very important distinction: it bakes the power and convenience of Readability right into the link. If anyone opens an link, they’ll see a reading view option up top that lets them turn on Readability. If they open the link on a mobile device, a […]

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