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How to use metrics in a startup

: Over the past few months there have quite a few articles about metrics, which are, of course, a very important topic for startups. Metrics like these can and should drive your startup’s development, once you get past the initial part of the hypothesis testing phase. :

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Designing Web Registration Processes for Kids

: Since the term “kids” is so broad and subject to interpretation, and since kids grow so significantly in cognitive/technical ability in short periods of time, this article focuses specifically on kids ages six through eight. Designing websites for kids is a fascinating, challenging, rewarding, and exasperating experience: You’re trying to create a digital experience […]

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Black hat copywriting

: A skilled black hat copywriter can create a page of content that says one thing when read at-speed (i.e. by normal web users) but says another thing entirely when carefully read word-for-word (e.g. from a legal perspective). :

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Designing a Reason to Come Back

: Think of the shared, recurring events you celebrate. Perhaps Christmas with family? A Tuesday afternoon happy hour with friends from work? Maybe there’s a birthday next month or a monthly book club discussion. Our lives are filled with these recurring beats. :

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Usability And You: The Design Process

: Many people see usability testing process as a very time consuming, expensive, arduous task that adds little value to their business or for their clients. This is all very negative sounding, and something I hear repeated rather too frequently for my liking. :

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in:focus interview with Oliver Reichenstein of iA

: I’m very honoured to kick off in:focus with someone who I have looked up to for a long time now… Oliver Reichenstein—CEO of Information Architects, creator of the beautiful Web Trend Map and Cosmic 140 and brains behind the ingenious Writer iPad app. :

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