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Hacking Google Analytics: Ideas, Tips and Tricks

: Web analytics is a powerful tool made accessible to all of us through awesome free software such as Google Analytics. These tools are designed to satisfy the general needs of every kind of website out there. :

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Where augmented reality and architecture collide

: The possibilities unleashed by augmented reality are limited only by the bounds of our imaginations, but so far we’ve only seen the technology used to add layers of data to the world as we currently know it. What about using the potential of augmented reality to start shaping the physical world we inhabit? : […]

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Trust Logo Recognition Precedes Presence

: Last week I set out to discover how trust logo recognition affects online purchase behavior. It is widely accepted that trust logos can have a positive affect on conversion rates when purchasing online, but is that enough? What about which trust logo? As someone who works in the online industry I consider myself relatively […]

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The Ugly Duckling of Web Design

: The story of the ugly duckling introduces us to a family of cute ducklings and one ugly cygnet. On the face of it the ducklings were the cute ones, the ones we should like. However, by the end we discover that the cygnet grows up into a beautiful swan and outshines the others. : […]

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UI design: avoid complexity

: The best user interface designs don’t focus on features. They focus on clarity. Problems should be fixed by making the solution simple, something customers don’t have to configure, maintain, control. :

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