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Neuro-Menus and Restaurant Psychology

: Restaurants are great test labs for testing neuromarketing techniques. It’s easy to change offerings, menus, and pricing, and one gets immediate feedback on what’s working and what’s not. One technique I’ve written about from a product standpoint but which is also used by restaurants is decoy pricing. :

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Reactions to being listed on

: Back in October, a community member submitted to for using a variant of the Forced Continuity dark pattern. When a user adds monthly billed items to their basket and proceeds into the checkout process, Audible fails to show that the items listed are not a one-off fees, and will in fact reoccur […]

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Gifts for User Experience Geeks 2010

: As part of a tradition over the last two years (2008 and 2009) it is once again time for the gifts for user experience geeks post for the 2010 holiday season. This list is a collection of items I have come across over the last year that would make the ideal gifts for UX […]

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Let’s get something straight about IA

: I’ve written a lot of stuff over the last few years about information architecture. And I’m working on writing more. But recently I’ve realized there are some things I’ve not actually posted publicly in a straightforward, condensed manner. (And yes, the post below is, for me, condensed.) :

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Dan Saffer: The Want Interview

: The co-founder of Kicker Studio (and author of Designing for Interaction and Designing Gestural Interfaces) explains to us that “User Experience” isn’t a discipline, so much as a big tent. We talk about his work on the Mag+ project and he reveals some tricks-of-the-trade about how to get “the long wow” with a product. […]

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Online Dating: Why the User Experience Sucks… And Where the Future Lies

: The term “online dating” is misleading. On existing dating sites you don’t date online at all. Rather, you search and email (and possibly IM) online. The date, if it happens at all, takes place in the real world… and is usually unsuccessful.* :

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Shades of Grey: Thoughts on Sketching

: In designing mostly interactive systems (spaces, processes, and artifacts for people to use), I must increasingly stretch the limits of communication tools to explore and document what it will be like to interact with the things I create. Artifacts used in communicating design create an inherent frame of experience between the subjective response of […]

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