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How to Make Users Stick to your Site

: ‘Sticky’ refers to everything you do to your site to make people stay there longer; return, and keep returning – and I don’t mean trapping them there! 

What makes your site stand out from competitors? :

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When you Startup with UX

: I interviewed three well-regarded New York-based startups and a powerful Silicon Valley venture capitalist to get their definition of what user experience actually is, how to do it, and why it really matters. :

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Know Your Customer’s Motivations

: The concept of user experience (UX) is a good one, but many people try to position it as a role in an organization that helps make an app or website successful. In fact, UX is a shared goal among the entire company. If the team understands the customer’s motivations, then they’re able to use […]

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The UX Design Education Scam

: If you emerge from university today with a web design degree, chances are rather slim that you’re employable as a user experience (UX) or web designer. Maybe you learned a lot of stuff; it’s just probably the wrong stuff. Congratulations, you’ve been defrauded. Hope it didn’t cost you or your parents too much. : […]

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Survey: UX Card Sort now online

: If you are an Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer or similar and your job is designing digital interactive (web)sites, services or products then join in with the UX Card Sort! :

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So You Want to be a Designer: Top 5 List

: Getting started in user experience can be difficult. Our profession has an identity crisis. You need look no further than swarm of acronyms that we hide behind: CHI, HCI, UI, UE, UX, IA, ID, IxD, IxSD… the list goes on. :

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Readability: the Optimal Line Length

: Having the right amount of characters on each line is key to the readability of your text. It shouldn’t merely be your design that dictates the width of your text, it should also be a matter of legibility. :

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Bad UX is a Bug

: When I talk to developers I often hear a similar question, “Do you think I can become good at design/user experience?” My answer is always yes. I see the art in the code, devs attention to detail, the desire to make great things…but it wasn’t until this week that I discovered a way to […]

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