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OmniTouch – Touch screen for any surface

: Microsoft Research will unveil OmniTouch, a touch screen for any surface, at UIST 2012. Chris Harrison wrote about the research he did on the project. It is uncanny how simular this work is to MIT’s SixthSense which I have written about back in 2009. :

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Designing Through Adversity

: It can be fairly common for designers to come across adversity in their workplace, or at home in family life, but how do we continue to produce great work while working through the hard times. This video aims to provide 3 tips to help. :

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The Value of Context in Design Pt. 2

: In this video I move on to the second part of the “The Value of Context” series, last time I wrote about how we can use context in our personal interactions, this time I talk about using context to rightly apply what we are learning from conferences, books, blog posts and our community. : […]

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Andrew Maier of UX Booth talks content strategy

: Andrew Maier, co-founder and Editor in Chief of UX Booth joined me to talk about content strategy. Andrew has a wealth of experience in designing engaging websites and helping companies develop their content strategy to engage their audience. :

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Futuristic Online Sales uses Minority Report like style

: Instead of tirelessly skimming through endless static product lists, 3LiveShop lets you engage in a one-on-one video session with a sales rep. But instead of a dull Skype-like voice chat, the sales representative on the other end converses with the customer augmented-reality style via a multitouch screen. :

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