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What I Bring to UX From … Computer Science

: We all know that user experience designers come from a range of different backgrounds. But what do these experiences bring to UX? In our first of a series of articles, Boon Chew reflects on his start in computer science. :

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Please confirm your email address A/B Test

: A mailing list for those wanting to follow Bvckup progress has been up and active for almost two years now. Subscribing to the list triggers a typical confirmation email with a link that needs to be clicked on. The odd thing was that a good half of those subscribed never bothered to do that. […]

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Search Fields — What To Do and What Not To Do

: We’re big fans of using concept testing to make measurable improvements to our own apps and pages. We’re always curious, studying the world’s most popular websites to discover what they are getting right and where they are falling down. We recently used Verify to run studies on world’s top 20 consumer electronics websites, as […]

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Dark Patterns: May the force be with UX

: Designers as architects of choices have the power to influencing human behavior by shaping the user’s available options. But as always, with great power comes great responsibility. The designer can easily step over the mark and slide to the dark side by applying Dark Patterns. :

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A simple introduction to web accessibility

: Accessibility can often seem daunting and complex but in fact there are only four types of disability you need to be aware of. Through groupings, simulations and quick fixes, UX and accessibility consultant Ian Hamilton shows that the basics are actually surprisingly simple. :

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Act First, Do the Research Later

: Think before acting. Sounds right, doesn’t it? Think before starting to design. Yup. Do some research, learn more about the requirements, the people, the activities. Then design. It all makes sense. Which is precisely why I wish to challenge it. Sometimes it makes sense to act first, think afterwards. :

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Writing for the web – signpost guidelines

: Web content should be written with signposts that clearly communicate what issue is being covered. Signposts must be visually noticeable, make sense out of context and communicate their message as clearly and directly as possible. :

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Redesigning the browser window

: As you may know, Apple’s new ope­ra­ting system, Mac OS X Lion has just been to be let out of the cage. So far, the ope­ra­ting system has been gat­he­ring both posi­tive and nega­tive press. Notably, Giz­modo has cal­led Lion Apple’s Vista, while Paul Thur­rott over at Super­site for Win­dows sound reluctantly posi­tive about […]

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