Matthew’s Review

The first impression of is a good one. I understand clearly what it is that this business does. I am also encouraged that they not only make these lures but also use the products they make themselves. This gives me a sense of security.

As my eyes scan the page I notice the top navigation is a bit cluttered and may make it hard to distinguish between the different options I have. As I navigate to the Shop I find it easy to build my own lure and add it to my cart. When I move over to the Pictures page I wonder why product pictures would be located in a new location instead of the store. Maybe a better name for this section would be Gallery. I think it is a great option to allow users to submit their own photos.

While navigating to the Fishing Tips page I thought to myself “I hope the URLs are neatly formatted to help SEO strategies as well as to allow users to understand where they are”. To my surprise this is accomplished nicely by a WordPress setting they seem to be using.

As I move along to the forum I come back to something I noticed when I arrived. Something is new. I think the NEW is just part of the header, not the forum page itself. This is awkward and confuses me. The forum, however, is clean and well structured.



The last page I am going to is Service. I wonder, is service where I get maintenance done on my lures? Surprise! It’s a contact page. Why not call it that? Hold on… an invoice ID is required to contact you? What if a customer just wants to ask a question? I know, I saw the webmaster email at the bottom. Not always is the webmaster someone who can answer questions about products though. This process is misleading and unusable as a whole.

In closing: the site structure works well and flows. I feel this is accomplished easily by using WordPress as a Content Management System. My biggest suggestion would be to make sure there is an EASY way for users to get in touch. If there isn’t, what incentive is there for the user to stay or buy anything?

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

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