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First Impressions

My first impression of is an excellent one. This is a really well designed site with information presented in a clear and interesting fashion. Wapple specializes in building websites for mobile devices. I am very impressed by how everything that I need is neatly above the fold. I have the ability to access all of the major navigation that I need without scrolling down.

What I Like

The examples section of this website is particularly good as it gives users an idea of what they can expect from this service in an easy and understandable way. This kind of sampling is very important in sites like this one, as it shows you the value of the product that you are purchasing and shows what you can gain from using it.

What Confuses Me

Though it is great to have lots of thorough information, it does take me a little while to figure out exactly what Wapple is. The site could use a one sentence tag line that tells me exactly what it does. That way there is no confusion regarding what we are looking at when we view the site.
Also, there are two buttons on the home page called sign up and free trial. I don’t understand why they are different.


- Add a one sentence tagline
- The front page could be more streamlined below the fold
- I’m not sure what the different is between sign up and free trial. Why two buttons?
- RSS Feed button should be relocated to the top right of the homepage to meet conventions
- About Us page could use an integrated contact form


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