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First Impressions and the Home Page

The first thing I notice about this site is the nice big tagline “Takin Names & Kickin Bass”, which I instantly love and adore. It’s very cute and memorable.

The logo to the left of the tag line is not very prominent against the busy banner, but it’s a nice logo. 

The next thing I notice is a link that says “Get the Advantage!”, since I would like to know what that means I click it and it takes me nowhere. So, thats a redundant link that doesn’t need to be there. 

Going on to the items for sale, there is a good amount of data here. This site sells custom hand poured fishing lures, that much is clear. 

We get an image, name of the lure, size and price all right there on the front page. 

When I click on an item it takes me to the page with the add to cart button (with their logo on it again, very cute), shipping and handling, and average customer review. You can also select color and scent. The pictures are a little lacking, nothing that a good macro lens wouldn’t fix, though. The rating is a simple five star system. I clicked on it to see if the number of ratings had written reviews attached and was disappointed that they didn’t.

Looking back at the home page, the Search button is right there, as is the Shopping cart and a “tell a friend” link. There is also an email subscription for product updates. A couple of links below that for “Camping Tents and Sleeping Bags” seem a bit random and lack definition.  

Additional Pages

Moving on to the top navigation. The shop link goes to a list of items for one category. The other categories have very small links in the sidebar. They could certainly be bigger, or displayed more prominently. “Categories and Brands” is also redundant because there are no brands listed.

The special order/custom pour request form is a great feature, though with it all being grey it makes me think that I can’t enter information there. Obviously, when I click on it I see that I can, but I’m used to seeing unavailable fields in grey.

I like the photo galleries that customers can upload to. It’s a good system and seems very usable. 

The fishing tips section is informative, though it’s a little hard to read. It could certainly use some line breaks between tips just to make it that extra bit clearer. 

Forums on sites like these are a wonderful idea. It allows customers to get a more in depth look at what other people interested in the same field are saying. It also promotes customer return and interaction. This site does have a very personal feel to it. It seems like the owner has injected a lot of personality into the store, and I as a consumer value things like that.

The classifieds section, though unused, is a fantastic idea and having a classified RSS Feed is very smart. 

The FAQ and Service sections are also well put together and easy to use and navigate. 

Recommended Improvements

Allow customers to write reviews about products, not just rate them. 

Product pages could have a “similar items” section to make shopping more streamlined. 

Make the “Camping Tents and Sleeping Bags” link and “Bass Resource” link more designed and defined. 

Line breaks between tips to increase readability. 

Invest in a good quality camera with macro capability to make the pictures of lures more professional.


This is a great little store and site with lot of nice extra features. Most of the site is very usable, though a few tweaks would improve user experience. The muted design is great because it’s simplicity doesn’t take away from the products, which are the main focus of the site. 

I rate this 3 stars.

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