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Liz Danzico – The Power of the Pause

: We tend to think of the pause as awkward. In speech, pauses connote uncomfortable silence, an issue at hand, and as communicators, we smooth over silence with fillers. We’re trained to deliver smooth speech, censoring “um” and “ah” out. As designers, as much as we value whitespace, we tend to fill it. This distaste […]

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How to do A/B Testing in WordPress

: We recently posted about how 37signals increased their sign-ups by 200% with A/B Testing. A lot of you are using WordPress, which makes A/B testing pretty tricky, so we’ve recorded a screencast tutorial to show you how to do it. :

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UXPin paper prototyping tool kit (video)

: In a few words UXPin is a first complete system to document your website ideas on paper. Technology that we have created consists of user interface elements with post-it-like glue strips and paper browser notepad. Have look on it: Follow us on twitter: Like us on Facebook: :

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Dan Saffer: The Want Interview

: The co-founder of Kicker Studio (and author of Designing for Interaction and Designing Gestural Interfaces) explains to us that “User Experience” isn’t a discipline, so much as a big tent. We talk about his work on the Mag+ project and he reveals some tricks-of-the-trade about how to get “the long wow” with a product. […]

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The Future of the Book

: Today IDEO released a five-minute video exploring the future of digital books. Their illustrated concepts highlight some interesting opportunity areas in the publishing industry through three distinct reading experiences: :

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Peter Merholz: The Want Interview

: The founder & president of Adaptive Path explains why they’re shifting away from “user experience” and towards “experience design.” He celebrates 360 design strategies through successful “customer journeys” by Apple and Southwest Airlines and advocates for marketing and advertisement becoming the first touchpoint of such. He also outlines the history of personal computing in […]

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