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Luke Wroblewski, The Want Interview

: Our talk with the former Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! covers his new book, Web Form Design, and includes advice on how to explain the importance of web form design to the folks in the corner offices. We talk about the digitization of objects and how removing obstacles makes a product more desirable. This […]

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All the Right Way to Wireframe Videos

: I wanted to capture all of the slides and videos into one entry to compare each of the guys’ approaches. The right way? There isn’t one right way. That’s the point. The one thread that does carry through, however, is a general process of discovery/research, sketching/ideation, selection/refinement, visual design. :

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Meet Tazin, a User Experience Researcher

: Meet Tazin Shadid, the founder of a free health care clinic in Bangladesh called the Urban Health Care Center. Tazin is a User Experience (UX) Researcher for Microsoft on the Management & Administration Experience team. Learn about Tazin’s job as a UX Researcher, his passion for technology and his dream to open a free […]

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Interaction Design

: Bill Verplank is interviewed in Chapter 2 My PC. His illustrated descriptions clarify the pioneering interaction design work of Bill Atkinson and Larry Tesler. :

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