Nicholas Bowman Nicholas Bowman

Dr. Bowman is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Research Associate in the Interaction Lab (#ixlab) at West Virginia University. His research relies extensively on experimental and observational research methods to better understand the functional role of technology in human communication. He has published over six dozen original research reports, journal articles, and book chapters exploring the human-technology relationship. He is an editorial board member at Media Psychology and Journal of Media Psychology and co-author of a recent book, β€œAn Introduction to Computer-Mediated Communication: A Functional Approach.” Outside of the academy, he’s a traveler, a gamer, a news junkie, and a refined drinker and wannabe-brewer. Follow him on Twitter at @bowmanspartan, email him at, or see his past and current research at https://ndbowman.infoβ€” and feel free to volunteer your UX services to improve that site!


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