Contributing Content to the UX Booth

Thanks for your interest in contributing back to the design community. Please read everything on this page before getting in touch.

UX Booth cares about the author experience and, as such, we do not accept fully written drafts outright. Instead, we pair authors with editors in order to facilitate collaboration throughout the writing process. It works like this:

  1. You pitch a topic or idea that you’d like to share. Don’t be shy!
  2. If accepted, a development editor is assigned to you in order to help you develop your narrative in accordance with our style guide. The two of you discuss and evolve the idea until it’s ready to share.
  3. That’s it! Articles are usually published four-to-eight weeks after they’re initially pitched. We pay $100 per article.

Cool? Cool. Here are some additional statements you can use to identify yourself as a potential author:

  • UX Booth authors are curious. We’re interested in discussing the merits of ideas related to user-centered design, including techniques, philosophies, problems, etc. The broad topics we cover are visible on our homepage.
  • UX Booth authors aren’t selling something. Articles aren’t the place to showcase your cool new product. Articles are the place, however, to share the user-centered thinking behind your cool new product.
  • UX Booth authors offer new perspectives. Writing affords us the opportunity to logically consider everything we say. That means we shouldn’t simply ask questions (without providing a potential answer) or come up top 10 lists – that’s what Google is for. Our authors delve deep to deliver value.

Does this sound like you? If so, let’s write something, together! Contact our editors


Unless otherwise agreed to beforehand, drafts submitted to UX Booth must be original – they may not have been previously published elsewhere. Once published, you grant an exclusive, royalty-free license to the UX Booth to be the sole publisher of your article online. You may republish extracts—for example, on your own site – however, the article in its entirety must not appear elsewhere without the expressed consent of UX Booth (we’re really pushovers in this regard, though). You consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing in other sites, products, and services.

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